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Perth FinTech startup Future Penny announces partnership with Super-Advice

Perth fintech startup Future Penny has today announced its first partnership, with leading Australian and New Zealand employee benefits company Super-Advice. Through the newly formed relationship, the companies will look to improve financial literacy for people across the ANZ region. Future Penny is a robo-advice startup that launched earlier this year to provide education systems

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Seven Perth Statups get an Upstart in growth

Today its been announced that seven early stage Perth startups are the successful cohort for this year’s Vocus Upstart. The annual Vocus Upstart program operates in partnership with local innovation organisations eGroup WA and Spacecubed, which have a substantial track record of encouraging the tech sector in Perth. The Upstart program provides each of the seven

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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that allows people to buy goods and services and exchange money without involving banks, credit card issuers or other third parties. Its origins has long been a mystery - though an Australian man long rumoured to have ties to bitcoin has come forward claiming to be its creator.

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ASX-listed, Perth based Digital X, partners with telco giant Telefonica

Digital X has partnered with telco giant Telefonica to market its app-based cash remittance product, AirPocket in Latin America via an SMS campaign. The marketing deal builds on the existing distribution and sales agreement the companies signed earlier this year, which gives customers in North America access to transfer funds directly into mobile phone accounts

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Working with Startups: Execs share their stories

Matt Toohey worked at iiNet for just over a decade, joining as IT manager in 2004 before being elevated to CIO in 2011 – a position he held until his departure in December last year. During that time, the Perth ISP was, as Toohey puts it, going “hard at organic growth and harder at acquisitions.”

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Fintech specialists say ‘NextGen banking’ may replace Big Four – CIO

    Banks of the future will be technology companies with a banking licence, and traditional finance options may give way to more digitally advanced methods and platforms, say fintech specialists. According to panellists speaking at the Fintech CEOs on the Future of Finance seminar in Sydney on Wednesday night, financial technology firms will soon

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Four new things from the 2016 budget that startups need to know

  The federal budget contained few new policies or funding for the Australian sector, serving mainly to reaffirm last year’s innovation statement. According to StartupAUS CEO Alex McCauley, it is a “missed opportunity” for the sector, and should’ve further reinforced the government’s innovation rhetoric into tangible policies. The main announcements impacting the startup community include

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The Blockchain is the new Google

At its core, the blockchain is a technology that permanently records transactions in a way that cannot be later erased but can only be sequentially updated, in essence keeping a never-ending historical trail. This seemingly simple functional description has gargantuan implications. It is making us rethink the old ways of creating transactions, storing data, and

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